Lighthouse Beacon 1000 SUPER BRIGHT LED Headlamp - The best and brightest spotlight headlight - zoomable water resistant - rugged shock proof flashlight - hiking hunting camping headlamp

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Manufacturer Description

Frustrated with low-quality headlamps that don't hold a charge, aren't bright enough, or just stop working after a few uses? The sturdy, water resistant Lighthouse Beacon 1000 provides a long-lasting, magnified light that you can count on to light up even your most rugged adventures. At 1000 lumens, this bad boy truly lights up the night, with a brightness that surprises most of our customers. While most headlamps have a flat lens, the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 has a convex lens that produces an amplified, super bright circle of light that cuts through the dark like a knife. A quick adjustment of the telescope zoom focuses the light into a narrow spotlight. Choose from 3 modes to suit your needs - High, Low, and Strobe. Rechargeable headlamps can take hours to charge, only to go dim or even die quickly during use. That's why the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 is battery powered, requiring just three AA batteries for a strong run time of up to 30 hours. No more waiting around for your rechargeable headlamp to charge. Just grab your Lighthouse Beacon 1000 and go! Countless customers have told us that this adjustable head lamp is so comfortable, they forget they're wearing it. Made from aero aluminum alloy and ABS, the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 is lightweight yet strong, and its three-strap adjustable head strap holds it firmly in place for no slippage. So you can put it on, do your thing, and forget all about it. Here at Outdoor Pro Gear, it's our mission to make high-quality equipment that anyone can afford. We use our own products every day, and we're confident that we've created the ultimate headlamp that will keep up with you on any activity. Wherever your adventure takes you, we've got your back. This water-resistant light makes a superior running headlamp, camping headlamp, camping spotlight, hiking headlamp, hiking spotlight, Scout light, and hunting, fishing, and camping light.

Product Features

? WHILE MOST HEADLAMPS HAVE A FLAT LENS THAT DOESN'T MAGNIFY THEIR LIGHT, the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 has a CONVEX LENS that produces an AMPLIFIED, ULTRA BRIGHT CIRCLE OF LIGHT in 3 modes - HIGH, LOW, & STROBE - so you can see clear and far in the dark. At up to 1000 LUMENS, our zoomable headlamp provides SUPER BRIGHT LIGHT that often surprises our customers. ? DON'T SETTLE FOR UNRELIABLE HEADLAMPS THAT DON'T HOLD A CHARGE OR STOP WORKING AFTER A FEW USES. Our STURDY, WATER RESISTANT headlamp provides LONG LASTING LIGHT that keeps up with you on your most rugged adventures, with a strong run time of UP TO 30 HOURS! ? SO COMFORTABLE, YOU'LL FORGET YOU'RE WEARING IT. That's what we've heard from countless customers. Weighing only 9.6 OUNCES with batteries, our headlamp is made from AERO ALUMINUM ALLOY, sturdy ABS PLASTIC, & WEATHER RESISTANT NEOPRENE, for top notch construction that's both LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG. THREE ADJUSTABLE STRAPS secure this bad boy firmly in place, so there's NO SLIPPAGE. ? NO MORE WAITING AROUND FOR YOUR HEADLIGHT TO CHARGE. Rechargeable headlamps can be a hassle, sometimes requiring hours of charging and then just conking out or dimming quickly during use. Our headlamp is AA BATTERY POWERED, so you can just grab it and go. With just three AA batteries, our high-powered headlamp will provide a strong run time of UP TO 30 HOURS! ? SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We love happy customers with great gear, and the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 is simply the best. WE GUARANTEE OUR PRODUCTS. If you have a problem with your headlamp, just let us know and WE'LL REPLACE IT WITHIN A YEAR OF PURCHASE.

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