Novelty Lights 50 Light LED Twinkle Christmas LED Mini Light Set, Outdoor Fairy Wedding String Lights, Green White, 25 Feet

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Manufacturer Description

Radom Twinkle LED Chrismtas Wedding Mini Light Set - Outdoor Lighting Fairy String Lights - 20% Twinkle - 25 Feet

Novelty Lights 50 light random twinkling LED Christmas lights with 20% of bulbs that twinkle on and off randomly and the other 80% of the bulbs are steady burning. These commercial grade LED light strings are on Green wire and have 50 LED's on 6" centers making each string 25' long.  Because these strings have non-removable LED's this eliminate failures from loose, broken or removed bulbs making these commercial grade LED Christmas lights very durable long lasting and extremely energy efficient. Each string also is full wave rectified which eliminates any flickering while making these LED Christmas lights brighter than ordinary LED mini Lights.  Each LED uses a patented concave design making these LED viewable from all angles.  Energy Star qualified and UL Listed for indoor and outdoor use.  Connect up to 43 strings end-to-end.  

  • 50 Warm White LED's 5 mm on Green Wire
  • Twinkling Effect With 80% steady 20% Random Twinkle Bulbs
  • Commerical Grade with Non-Removable Bulbs
  • Full Wave Rectification Technology-No Flickering
  • Concave Design-Wide Viewing Angle
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Length: 25' Long with 6" Bulb Spacing
  • Watts: 4.8 watts per string
  • Connect up to 43 strings
  • Built in Rectifier, No Special Adapter Needed
  • If a Bulb Burns Out the Rest Remain Lit
  • UL Listed Indoor/Outdoor

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Product Features

Novelty Lights presents this commercial grade 22 gauge Green wire twinkle LED Christmas mini light set that has 50 lights spaced 6" apart and is 25' long with a 3" lead wire. Each set has 20% twinkle bulbs and 80% steady burn bulbs and provides a starry night feel to your Christmas tree or Wedding. The set is connectable end to end and can be connected end to end up to 43 string for a total of 1,075' on one plug. Each set is UL listed for indoor and outdoor use and energy star certified to maintain an energy efficient product and safety that these qualities bring. Our LED mini light set is energy efficient and uses only 4.8 watts per string and are slated to last 40,000 hours. Each set is made with a sealed pre-molded bulb which has been tested to cut down drastically on defects and provides years of use with a 3 year warranty on each string. Every set is made with a built in rectifier that eliminates any bulb flicker and is very convenient that no extra adaptor is needed. Each concave bulb is 5MM and is commonly known as a wide angle bulb because you can see the brightness of the bulb from a full 360 degrees around. Lighting Application Examples include: Use on weddings, beer gardens, wreaths, tree's, bushes, hedges, fences, pillars, holiday decor, prom, dance functions, restaurants, bars, patio's, or wherever a fairy twinkle decoration light is needed.

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